NRA Approved High Power Sporting Rifle Matches

The High Power Sporting Rifle match is a great introduction to NRA high power rifle competition. This course of fire is shot with any center fire rifle weighing less than 9.5 pounds and having a magazine capacity of 4 rounds or more. The 9.5 pound limit is with an empty magazine, and without a sling. The sling may be used in all positions except standing. Metallic and optical sights are both allowed. You will be in position and the rifle loaded when the command to FIRE is given in all stages of the match.

Shooting garments such as heavily padded shooting coats and gloves are not allowed to be used in sporting rifle matches. Garments, that are appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions only, are allowed. Knee, elbow and shoulder pads and pads on rifle butt stocks are allowed.

Latest Match Report

SLSC High Power Sporting Rifle Match
24 June 2017

Match Report

 Another beautiful day to shoot rifles at 100 yards. The “x’ ring was pretty elusive today, but everyone had fun anyways. Everyone was using scopes today except Mark. He proceeded to demonstrate that no matter how clearly you can see the target, if you don’t hold the weapon still you will not be stepping onto the winner’s platform. Mark’s score was just one point shy of the elusive Master level for the highest score shot today. Trevor G, a junior shooter, tried NRA high power for the first time today and gave a good account for himself with a score that fell just 4 points below the Sharpshooter level. Trevor shoots air rifle on the Calvert high Navy JROTC team so he is not a stranger to competition.

 Jesse Williams tried the Woodstock match on the 15th and decided to give our HP sporting rifle match a try. We hope to see him back at our next HP rifle match. All the score details can be found in June Match Report.

 Speaking of next matches the July match will be a vintage military rifle match on July 22nd preceded by the “Woodstock” match for the older military rifles on Thursday afternoon July 20th.

The usual thanks to the competitors for their help in setting up and breaking down the range, and to Mark for running a second relay enabling me to shoot. Our next match will be the NRA Approved High Power National Match Course on May 27th. More details to follow in a couple weeks.

 Dick C, Match Director                                                  

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Match Description

  • This is a 32 round course of fire with up to 5 sighting rounds allowed prior to firing for record.  NRA rules will be followed.  Metallic or optical sights are allowed.  You will be firing from the prone, standing and sitting or kneeling positions.
  • Contact Dick for a copy of the match program which contains detailed match, equipment and match entry fee information.
  • More information on getting started in High Power competition can be found on the NRA website.


  • Open to all SLSC member.  Non-members need a member sponsor to participate.



  • 4th Saturday of the Month; March, May and September.
  • Match starts at 9AM.  Check in 8-8:30AM.


  • SLSC members $10
  • Non-members $15
  • Juniors (under 21) $5

Equipment Needed:

  • Center fire rifle as described above (required)
  • 32 rounds ammunition, plus 5 sighting rounds (required)
  • Spotting scope (optional, but very helpful)
  • Shooting mat (optional)

Course of Fire Details

  • Sporting Rifle Course consists of:
    • Prone slow fire: 8 rounds in 8 minutes
    • Prone rapid fire: 8 rounds fired in two 4 round strings, 30 seconds per string
    • Sitting/kneeling rapid fire: 8 rounds fired in two 4 round strings, 30 seconds per string
    • Standing slow fire: 8 rounds in 8 minutes
    • The SR-1 target is used for all stages of the Sporting Rifle course of fire. The course of fire is shot at 100 yards.


  • General scoring is as follows, with details in the rules link below:
    • Each string of 8 shots will be on a separate target.
    • Point value of the ring for each shot will be totaled (maximum of 80 points per target).
    • Number of X's will be noted.
    • Holes touching a higher value ring are given the higher value.
    • Firing fewer than required number of shots will be scored as misses.
    • Firing more than the required number of shots and more than 8 hits are on the target, with no cross firing evident,  the 8 hits of lowest value will be recorded for that string.


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