Bullseye Precision Style Pistol Match

Update - Bullseye Precision Matches in 2017 will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 1PM.  Please check the calendar for any potential deviations from that.

The match rules will be based on the NRA Precision Pistol rulebook with some modifications.  See the proposed SLSC rules hereSanner's Lake Precision Pistol Match Rules and Information -- Version 1.0, Revision 0, May 2016.docx.

Match Reports

The February report is hereCarl Michaud edged-out Damon Anderson with a VERY IMPRESSIVE 778-12X. 

Damon Anderson was a very close second overall with a 767-12X.

It was wonderful seeing new shooters at this event.  And everybody  shot well and seemed to have fun.   Well done!

October's Match report is linked here.    Carl Michaud dominated with a 763-5X overall score.  Damon Anderson and Terry Wanner also performed well, with Damon's Hammerli Z80 taking the Top Rimfire title.   We're being bumped by state match in November and by the Club's Hunting Season Closure in December.   Hope to see you-all in January of 2017.

At September's match, Matt Walters dominated the event with a VERY IMPRESSIVE 767-13X.  

Unsurprisingly, Mike McDaniel was very impressive with the best rimfire score of a massive 272, followed closely by Dick Chadwick breathing down his neck with a 264.

Terry Wanner also did quite well, and took overall Senior.

The match report is here:  Bullseye-Style Precision Pistol Match-Report for SEP 2016 (Rev-0).pdf

 It was great seeing so many new shooters at this event.  And everybody  shot well and seemed to have fun.   Well done!   Hope to see you all next month.

Attendance at August's Match was a bit depressed by the oppressive heat.  Jake shot some unusual guns including an Artillery Luger and Single-Action Blackhawk, so he gets extra points for style.  Chris was also looking good as he was blowing our eardrums out with the Tokarev.  Interestingly, Mark's score was exactly the same two matches in a row, and his .22 score was identical as well. Mark brought his trusty Python but his score but fell apart on the 1911 -- he blames different ammo.  Anyway, it was a fun match, thanks to Terry for running it!   The detailed match report is here: SLSC Bullseye Match Report for August 2016.pdf

July Match report is shown below.   The young whippersnaller Jake Swierczek did a great job and carried the day.    We had a surprisingly good turnout for this inaugural match, and worked-out a number of bugs that will make future matches run more smoothly.   It is good that we hold these later in the afternoon, because it was oppressively hot on both July 8th and 15th.  Bullseye-Style Precision Pistol Match-Report for July 2016 (Rev-2).pdf

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