Vintage Military Rifle Match

This match will be shot with center fire military service rifles from any country. They must have been an official service rifle from the country of origin, and must have been officially in service prior to 1961. Original or newly manufactured copies of the rifles may be used.

Recognizing that many high power rifle shooters own competition service rifles with various modifications such as restocking with synthetic materials, glass action bedding, aftermarket sights and alterations to the firing mechanisms, modified rifles will be allowed to be used. We will separate the rifles into two categories: “As Issued” and “Modified”.  These names are self- descriptive, but if any questions arise a jury of experienced riflemen will determine your rifles category prior to the firing of the first shot for record. ”Sporterized” rifles and optical sights are not allowed in our VMR matches.

Current Match Report

SLSC High Power Vintage Military Rifle Match
18 November 2017
Match Report

   It was a very cool day, but quite nice for shooting. Must have been nice for raking those leaves, catching the elusive rockfish and scouting the woods for places to ambush the mighty Eastern white tail deer next week too judging from the attendance. Putting that aside though, those who shot had a good time. Paul and Mark had a close competition for Match Winner with Paul’s sterling 280-3x taking the honors. As well as the good feeling for the win Paul was awarded one of the pewter rifle pins in the shape of his Springfield rifle to show off, perhaps on his ball cap at the next match.

 We had a new shooter, always a welcome event, when we convinced Trevor’s older sister, Tyler, to give the match a try. She would have done better if Grandpa’s (mine) .30 Carbine had not malfunctioned a couple of times but she gamely stuck with it and her score does not reflect the enjoyment she had shooting with us. We expect to see her on the firing line again when next season rolls around and with a more accurate and dependable rifle and some practice there should be considerable improvement in her scores.  All of the details can be found in the match report.

 This was the final match of the season. We will be running the same program next year and hope to come up with some ideas on how to get more shooters interested in the well aimed shot event we hold. This may not be as “cool’ an event as the action events that seem to appeal to so many, but is a slower paced event and a lot cheaper to shoot since none of our events require more than 55 rounds of ammo. We welcome anyone who can safely operate a high power rifle and can at keep all their shots on the eight square foot target backer. Or at least not pepper the baffles with stray shots. It is a great bunch to shoot with and we will coach you as necessary. This is a competition, but is not cutthroat, we all just want to have fun.

 Dick C, Match Director

More Info

Match Director

Match Description

  • This is an un-sanctioned 30 round course of fire with up to 5 sighting shots allowed prior to firing for record. Rifles used are military service rifles that were in service prior to 1961. The rifles may be from any country, any service.  Metallic sights only are allowed. You will be firing from the prone and standing positions.
  • Contact Dick for a copy of the match program which contains detailed match, equipment and match entry fee information.
  • More information on getting started in High Power competition can be found on the NRA website.


  • Open to all SLSC member.  Non-members need a member sponsor to participate.



  • Typically 4th Saturday but not every month (rotates with other HP matches) - check Club Calendar
  • Match begins at 9AM.  Check-in from 8-8:30AM.


  • SLSC members $7
  • Non-members $10
  • Juniors (under 21) $5

Equipment Needed:

  • Military service rifle with extra magazine or clip to reload internal magazine (required)
  • 30 rounds ammunition plus 5 for sighting shots (required)
  • Spotting scope (optional, but very helpful)
  • Shooting coat (optional)
  • Shooting glove (optional)
  • Shooting mat (optional)

Course of Fire Details

  • Vintage Military Course consists of:
    • Sighting shots: Up to 5 rounds in 5 minutes
    • Prone slow fire: 10 rounds in 10 minutes

    • Prone rapid fire: 10 rounds in 80 seconds, reloading once

    • Standing: 10 rounds in 10 minutes

    • The SR-1 target will be used for all stages of the VMR match.


  • General scoring is as follows:
    • Each string of 10 shots will be shot on a separate target.
    • Point value of the ring for each shot will be totaled (maximum of 100 per target).
    • Number of X's will be noted.
    • Holes touching a higher value ring are given the higher value.
    • Firing fewer than required number of shots will be scored as misses.
    • Firing more than the required number of shots and more than 10 hits are on the target, with no cross firing evident,  the 10 hits of the lowest value will be recorded for that string.


  • The rules for this match will be found in the match program, available upon request, and are a combination of NRA rules and Civilian Marksmanship Program rules, adapted to suit SLSC needs.

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