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Rimfire Silhouette

A Rimfire (also called small bore) Silhouette Match consists of shooting a total of 40 steel silhouette targets, at various distances, while standing using a scoped rimfire rifle.  Typically rifles used are either bolt-action or semi-auto.  It is very helpful to have your rifle sighting info for 40, 60, 77 and 100 meters prior to the match.  Sighting shots are not allowed during the match; however, typically a 30 minute sighting-in period is offered prior to the match.  The match at SLSC is an unofficial match run in accordance with the NRA Rifle Silhouette rules.

May Match Report

Weather:  Gorgeous pre-thunderstorm weather!

Number of competitors:  6

The thunderstorms held off and a total of six competitors showed up to enjoy a sunny spring day of shooting tiny silhouette targets at the first Sanners Rimfire Silhouette match of the year on Saturday, May 14th, 2016.  There were quite a few familiar faces across the line as the shooters blew the cobwebs off their guns and blew the paint off a few silhouettes to ring in the new shooting season.  Making it look easy was Jake S, shooting a new personal best of 22 hits, including a coveted five in a row on his first bank of chickens!  Coming in behind him were David H and Mark S with 11 hits each, followed by Dave S, Dick C, and Jack S to round out the group. See the match report for more details.

Congratulations to all the competitors, and thanks once again to Jim D for doing the hard work of match director, timekeeper, and score totalizer!

If you enjoy a challenge, there’s no better way to test your traditional rifle skills than the metallic silhouette target game.  Get your 22LR tuned up and your scope dialed in and join us at the next match on June 11th, 2016! 

2016 Record Board

High Match Score - Jake S - 22 (May 2016)

"In A Row" Pins Earned:

5 Chickens  - Jake S (May 2016)

*Note - "In a Row" pins are given for a complete bank - crossing banks for 5 in a row does not count.

Upcoming Silhouette Events

Match Details


July 9, 2016


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More Info

Match Director

Match Description

  • A relay of 4 shooters shoot the course of fire for their respective targets/distance then rotate to the next station and repeat until all four stations have been completed. More details are in the Course of Fire below.

  • OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – all ages, under 18 with an adult.  All skill levels are welcome but note that a sighted in rifle makes for a much more enjoyable match. 



  • Second Saturday of the Month; March – November
  • Match begins at 1PM.  Someone will be at the gate at 12:30PM to let in non-members.


  • SLSC members $4
  • Non-members $7

Equipment Needed:

  • .22 (S/L/LR) Rifle with Scope and sighting info for 40, 60, 77 and 100 meters (required)
  • 40 rounds ammunition plus any for sighting-in period (required)
  • One 5-round magazine is sufficient but 2 if more efficient (required)

Course of Fire Details

  • Two strings with five steel targets each at the following distances:

    • Chickens – 40 meters

    • Pigs – 60 meters

    • Turkeys – 77 meters

    • Rams – 100 meters

  • Targets are shot in order and no extra shots are allowed. 

  • A string (5 targets) is allowed 2 mins 30 sec to complete.

  • Minimum of 30 seconds between strings. 

  • After the 10 targets at the current distance have been shot, the shooters will rotate to the next distance and repeat until all four distances have been completed.

  • No sighting shots are permitted during the match.


  • A target knocked over counts as one point with a maximum of 40 points per match.

  • A turned target does not count for score it must fall.


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